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Happy Birthday Michael Jackson:From the other side of 47th street

Presently the nation is in a state of flux. There is profuse anxiety about the impending position of America. The battle for the presidency of US has become increasingly fierce, and shows no signs of slowing down. Many have grown weary of negative and hurtful words being hurled. It is a matter of politics. However, most of what people believe was conceived by the repetition of philosophies that became embedded in their minds. That is the essence of what politics are. They force us to develop opinions, without considering whether those opinions were founded in truth. The world has seen it before, felt it before and lived painfully through it before. The entire world watched as the slanderous pursuit of Michael Jackson consumed decades of his life. What makes it politics? According to Dictionary.com, it is political if it involves methods and maneuvers, or principles and opinions. Unquestionably, such elements were enlisted to plague Michael Jackson, the most famous and beloved man on this planet. August 29 is the birthday of Michael Jackson, and a global community will strive to overcome that shameful era, in celebration of his birth. Happy Birthday Michael Jackson …
Michael Jackson was a casualty in the politics of time. In the early days the politics were a proclamation of segregation. Music provided therapy to the agonizing world, of many African Americans. Michael Jackson was also among them. It was an amazing time in life. In the most desolate surrounding, were the most melodic sounds. On every other corner there was a singing group, singing “doo wops”. Then Michael came. Albeit Michael Jackson came from Gary Indiana, the hot spots were in Chicago and subsisted in the Black Metropolis, on the “other side” of 47th street. That’s where it was all happening. Michael and his brothers, like many before them were discovered at the Regal Theater. Everything was on the other side of 47th street. African Americans were rarely accepted south of 47th. The Black Metropolis even had its own mayor, that’s how segregated Chicago was. The neighborhood children rushed to see every stage show that The Jackson Five performed in. They were magnificent. Young Michael Jackson could do everything that James Brown could do. Michael Jackson was an amazing talent, indeed, and he grew from the squeals and cheers of delighted children, on the other side of 47th street.
The Regal Theater was a stepping stone embedded in the Chittlin’ Circuit. In fact, that is what made Michael Jackson so unique. He had been trained by the very best, because everybody, from the greatest to the least came through the Regal Theater.Bobby Taylor opened the door for the Jackson Five to be signed by Motown.
The Jackson Five soared in fame; the heart of the country was held captive and a lifelong love affair began. Michael Jackson was the beloved, and slowly began to sing solo’s. Ultimately Michael left the group and struck out on his own. Amazingly, many of Michael’s fans had never considered his birthday; in fact it had never been revealed. Michael Jackson was a Jehovah’s Witness, and birthdays were not celebrated. Today, it is a different story.
“Michael Jackson is one of the most widely beloved entertainers and profoundly influential artists of all time. He has left an indelible imprint on popular music and culture, and his fans span all across the globe. With all the cultural barriers that he has broken down, there is a very small chance that a person does not know his name. People of all ages also enjoy the music of the “King of Pop”. On or near Michael’s birthday, fans and lovers of his music celebrate his life and legacy, and traditionally his pilgrimage to New York City, Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL and Gary, IN.“ http://tinyurl.com/9vhkw2q
On Aug 29 the world will celebrate the life and accomplishments of Michael J. Jackson. His impact will be felt forever. Universities have begun to teach courses on the life of Michael Jackson. Courses could well be taught in Religion, History, Humanities, Sociology as well as Psychology and certainly Music and Dance. Michael Jackson’s heart was huge and his achievements were numerous. Following are a few of those things which made the world love him so much. Michael Jackson was an incredibly outstanding man. Dr. Wayne Dyer speaks about Michael Jackson-Video
“July, 1981:
Concert in Atlanta Georgia, Triumph Tour, - benefit concert raises $100,000 at the Omni Auditorium in Atlanta, Georgia for the Atlanta Children’s Foundation in response to a series of kidnappings and murders that had been plaguing the children of Atlanta for months.
‘January 10, 1984:
During the filming of Pepsi commercials, Michael Jackson is burned. As a result of the on-set accident, he is admitted to the Brotman Medical Center in Culver City, California. Despite palm-sized second and third-degree burns to the back of his head when pyrotechnics, somehow, went awry, Jackson visited several other burn patients and later donated a hyperbaric chamber (used to treat burn victims) in addition to a large donation toward preparing and equipping the Michael Jackson Burn Center.
‘April 14, 1984:
Michael equips a 19-bed-unit at Mount Sinai New York Medical Center. This center is part of the T.J. Martell-Foundation for leukemia and cancer research.
‘July 5, 1984:
Michael Jackson and his family hold a press conference to announce the changing of the ticket distribution system for the Victory Tour. During his speech, he announces, “Finally, and most importantly, I want you to know that when I first agreed to tour, I decided to donate all the money I make from our performances to charity." Three charities benefited from Michael's generosity: The United Negro College Fund established the Michael Jackson Scholarship Fund which, by 1988, had provided scholarships for 70 students at UNCF member schools, Camp Good Times for terminally ill children and the T.J. Martell Foundation for Leukemia and Cancer Research “ http://tinyurl.com/njzflm
The kindness of Michael Jackson is so extensive that it would be an incredible feat simply to list them. This is why we celebrate Michael Jackson. Proven lies, slander and constant humiliation were promoted far more than the truth of who he was and all he has done. From times gone by, on the other side of 47 street and from this side of heaven, happy birthday Michael Jackson.

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